Former US Marine saved from Mexico

Former US Marine Jon Hammar freed from Mexican jail after 4 months chained to a bed, returned to the US. The media helped his release, in my opinion, by bringing this subject to light and exposing the Mexican government to negative criticism and calling for people to urge their politicians for his release.


Gun problem in American? Whaaaa?

Number of supermarkets in America: 36,569
Number of gas stations in America: 143,839
Number of McDonalds in America: 14,098

Number of guns dealers in America: 129,987

Although other figures show there are in excess of 140,000 gun dealers (Source: “Arming America, Origins of a National Gun Culture”), this number is startling enough!

So there are nearly 3 times as many gun dealers are supermarkets and McDonalds — COMBINED! And those are just the legalized gun dealers — this excludes the black market!

Think we have a gun problem? Just sayin’ ….

UPDATE on worst shooting spree in US History:

UPDATE: Principal @ Sandy Hook Elementary School, Dawn Hochsprung. Dawn Hochsprung on Twitter. Mother was teacher at school in Sandy Hook, NJ, where massacre occurred. She was found dead in her son’s house, near the school. His brother also found dead in Hoboken. Most of the kids killed were students in her classroom. Adam Lanza, 20, the shooter. Ryan, 24, the brother, not a suspect. Adam’s girlfriend is missing, also. He may have had personality disorders, and may have wrestled with autism. Source: Adam Lanza, shooter; girlfriend is missing, more details emerge.

Lastly, when are we going to abolish the 2nd amendment? Screw the NRA. It’s time. How many of these shootings is it going to take? Just look at this picture — they had to walk by the bloodied bodies of their principal, teachers, and kids lying on the ground. Some children, hiding in closets, had police guns aimed at them when coming out, just in case they were another shooter. Traumatized for life.