The politics of incarceration. Read this

The politics of incarceration. Read this article about Arizona representative John Kavanagh and just exactly what had him running around so frantically at the 11th hour. And no, it’s not about his law that wants ppl arrested for accidentally using the wrong bathroom.

#MassIncarceration #IncarcerationNation

So we all thought the new #AaronHernande

So we all thought the new #AaronHernandez charges were a breath of fresh air. We got “the bad guy” off the streets, because the “good guy” in a suit said the bad guy did something — and did so with fervor and was just trying to protect us from others from harm.

But wait! Was there an ulterior agenda to D.A. Daniel F. Conley grandstanding the new charges against Hernandez in a nationally-covered press conference? Nahhhh … couldn’t be. Prosecutors are too honest for that, right? Read THIS!