Do you follow “Fugitive Watch” on thei

Do you follow “Fugitive Watch” on their website, Facebook, or Twitter? I explain why you shouldn’t follow these scam artists & enemies of due process. You’ll learn all about Fugitive Watch as I break down their tawdry operation in detail, led by the two chumps who run it.

The #SethMazzaglia trial is live on Occu

The #SethMazzaglia trial is live on Occupy HLN! Case information & pics. Mazzaglia is charged with 2nd degree murder in the death of #ElizabethMarriott (“Lizzi”). Co-defendant #KathrynMcDonough has already pleaded guilty to obstruction-related charges for a reduced 1 1/2 year sentence.

So we all thought the new #AaronHernande

So we all thought the new #AaronHernandez charges were a breath of fresh air. We got “the bad guy” off the streets, because the “good guy” in a suit said the bad guy did something — and did so with fervor and was just trying to protect us from others from harm.

But wait! Was there an ulterior agenda to D.A. Daniel F. Conley grandstanding the new charges against Hernandez in a nationally-covered press conference? Nahhhh … couldn’t be. Prosecutors are too honest for that, right? Read THIS!