Read this SHOCKING story on how the Corr

Read this SHOCKING story on how the Correctional Services of Canada (CSC), along with Kitchener, Ontario, Canada’s Grand Valley Institution for women was found guilty of homicide!

The death of a young girl, Ashley Smith, whom choked herself inside a segregation cell was indeed a murder, a coroner’s inquest jury decided on December 19th, 2013. The jury suggested that severely psychologically ill female offenders never be kept in prisons.

The horrifying and shocking details!

HLN is panicking: – Executive VP Scot Sa

HLN is panicking:
– Executive VP Scot Safon fired & replaced
– Raising America with Kyra Phillips – Canceled
– Now in America with Vinnie Politan – Canceled
– Evening Express with Ryan Smith – Canceled
– After Dark in jeopardy of being canceled
– Ryan Smith has quit HLN and is now with ABC, saving what little integrity he has left.
– New boss Albie Hecht has no experience in news, but a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry. His friend, CNN boss Jeff Zucker, is promising more changes to come.

Who will be next? OccupyHLN breaks the panic in Atlanta down for you in detail!