The injustice of #MarissaAlexander conti

The injustice of #MarissaAlexander continues, as she has been denied bail, despite the fact that her conviction has been rightfully overturned, she has no criminal record, she’s not a flight risk, and she’s not a danger to society.

Many have accused disgraced prosecutor Angela Corey of trying to “make up” for her “loss” in the #GeorgeZimmerman trial. As with all rogue prosecutors, it’s not about justice; it’s about winning at all costs.

Well, it’s up to those of us with morals and a sense of ethos to stand up against the Angela Coreys of the world and say “enough is enough”. Marissa Alexander should be freed. The judge who gave the jury misleading instructions should be disbarred, and Marissa should not be retried. With 3 years of her mandatory minimum 20 already served, only HLN thinks she needs to do more time.

Full story:

~ Jason


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