(4/4) LIVE SHOTS from ONE HOUR AGO of th

(4/4) LIVE SHOTS from ONE HOUR AGO of the drive up to the Boone County Jail, in Columbia, Missouri, where people are beginning to gather to celebrate the release of #RyanFerguson who was wrongfully convicted by corrupt prosecutors Kevin Crane and Dan Knight.

The prison lobby, unfortunately for them, is going to lose an inmate tonight. Are you surprised HLN isn’t all over this? 😉

Are you surprised Nancy Grace isn’t calling for the prosecution of Kevin Crane and/or Dan Knight, screaming for victim’s rights (the victim being Ryan Ferguson)? You shouldn’t be … Nancy doesn’t give a damn about victims. Nancy cares about Nancy.

Well, we are; we’re all over this. Full and updating story with pictures, videos of his father on the way to pick him up, case details, names, and more:

~ Jason http://ow.ly/i/3HSu7


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