Nicole “Nyki” Kish was wrongly convict

Nicole “Nyki” Kish was wrongly convicted of 2nd degree murder in Ontario, Canada, and is serving a life sentence as you read this. The evidence of her innocence is overwhelming, while it would be gracious to say evidence of any involvement on her behalf is underwhelming.

Ross Hammond died in August of 2007, and as you’ll see in the article, Nyki clearly is innocent of wrongdoing. Judge Ian Nordheimer’s decision made no sense, and The Crown (prosecutors in Canada) are still covering for him to this day.

Please read, share, and talk about this miscarriage of justice!

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The injustice of #MarissaAlexander conti

The injustice of #MarissaAlexander continues, as she has been denied bail, despite the fact that her conviction has been rightfully overturned, she has no criminal record, she’s not a flight risk, and she’s not a danger to society.

Many have accused disgraced prosecutor Angela Corey of trying to “make up” for her “loss” in the #GeorgeZimmerman trial. As with all rogue prosecutors, it’s not about justice; it’s about winning at all costs.

Well, it’s up to those of us with morals and a sense of ethos to stand up against the Angela Coreys of the world and say “enough is enough”. Marissa Alexander should be freed. The judge who gave the jury misleading instructions should be disbarred, and Marissa should not be retried. With 3 years of her mandatory minimum 20 already served, only HLN thinks she needs to do more time.

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The judge found probable cause (PC) to b

The judge found probable cause (PC) to bound over the charges brought forth by police and prosecutors, and set #GeorgeZimmerman’s bond at $9,000 and ordered that he not possess guns or ammunition. He was ordered to stay away from the house of #SamanthaScheibe and wear a monitoring device.

I’m unsure as to whether the bond is “10 percentable” — if he just has to pay $900, or if he’ll have to pay $9000. Even if it’s not 10%, his brother can surely find a bail bondsman who will 10% it, so he’ll only have to shell out $900; the difference is that with a 10% bond, you get it back; going to a bail bondsman, you don’t. But the fact that the bail was only $9,000 tells me that the charges aren’t TOO serious; it gives you a preliminary peak into a judge’s mindset.

Zimmerman’s next court date in #SeminoleCounty is set for January 7th, 2014.

So no more packing heat for the Zimmer — unless he’s found not guilty again and gets no probation.

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(3/3) #GeorgeZimmerman was booked into t

(3/3) #GeorgeZimmerman was booked into the John K. Polk Correctional Facility, better known as the Seminole County Jail, after an incident at the home of #SamanthaScheibe. But there’s a quid-pro-quo to this; George gets a free website.

Zimmerman, now 30, has a probable cause and bail hearing scheduled for today (Tuesday, November 19th) at 1:30 pm est.; in this hearing, the judge will determine if there was “PC” ( cause) for an arrest, and may determine if bail is appropriate at this time — which it should be.

Attached is George’s newest website.


(2/3) After #SamanthaScheibe called 911,

(2/3) After #SamanthaScheibe called 911, then #GeorgeZimmerman called 911. It’s unclear what his objective was after listening to this 911 call (names redacted, 6:53).

George claims that Samantha was the aggressive one, Samantha shattered their glass table (not he), and that she has “gone crazy”. There are cops already at the house, outside, but Zimmerman wants no part of them. Instead, he asks to continue to talk to the dispatcher and says he’ll communicate with the cops outside, pounding on his door, via phone.

George also asks if his attorney can talk to the cops instead, “’cause I’ve got nothin’ to say to ’em” …

(1/3) More #GeorgeZimmerman details are

(1/3) More #GeorgeZimmerman details are emerging as George awaits his bail hearing on charges of aggravated assault, domestic battery, and criminal mischief.

Girlfriend #SamanthaScheibe first called 911 from her home. Mysteriously, George then called 911 after Samantha did. First, let’s play Samantha’s 911 call (5:06).

During this 911 call, it appears she wants Zimmerman out of her house in Apopka, FL, but apparently he seems to be kicking her out of her own house. Listen for yourself.


#GeorgeZimmerman has been booked into th

#GeorgeZimmerman has been booked into the Seminole County Jail after his arrest in Apopka, Florida on Monday, November 18th. Attached is his mugshot and details about the possible penalties.

Zimmerman was charged November 18th with aggravated assault, domestic violence battery and criminal mischief, after an incident at his girlfriend’s home, according Dennis Lemma, chief deputy with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Zimmerman will have a bail hearing most likely Tuesday, but no later than Wednesday; we have no idea what the judge will set the bail at, but we encourage Seminole County to offer a reasonable, affordable bail — whether we like Zimmerman or not.

We’re still not aware as to the exact nature of the charges, but aggravated assault is the serious charge, a felony that could potentially land him in prison for multiple years.

In Florida:
The crime of Aggravated Assault is defined as:

1- An intentional and unlawful threat – by word or act – to commit violence against another person;
2- With the apparent ability to carry through with the threat at the time it was made;
3- And the threat created a genuine fear in the intended victim that the violence was imminent; and
4- The accused made the threat:
– With a Deadly Weapon, or
– In the commission of a Felony.

Aggravated Assault is classified as a Third Degree Felony and assigned a Level 6 offense severity ranking under Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code.

If convicted of Aggravated Assault, a judge can impose any combination of the following penalties:

– Up to five (5) years in prison.
– Up to five (5) years of probation.
– Up to $5,000 in fines.
– If there was a firearm involved, there is a 3 year mandatory minimum sentence.

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