#MatthewCordle sentence breakdown as fol

#MatthewCordle sentence breakdown as follows:

Count 2: 6 months in the county jail
Count 1: 6 years in the Ohio Department of Corrections (prison)

* Sentences to be ran consecutively, not concurrently
* Cordle will receive 45 days jail credit, so will serve roughly 6 years and 3 1/2 months in prison
* Cordle’s fine of $75,000 will be deferred until his sentence is complete.
* Cordle will be eligible for release in February of 2020, as Ohio has a truth-in-sentencing statue and allows for no good time, behavior time, work-time credits, etc. …

Cordle did voluntary confess and offer an apology that all parties involved deemed sincere.

THOUGHTS? The maximum was 8 years, which the prosecutors asked for. Was this judge’s sentencing too harsh, or too lenient? http://ow.ly/i/3vvpq


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