#MartinMacNeill trial, day 2 … some hi

#MartinMacNeill trial, day 2 … some highlights.

Doug Daniels, a neighbor, testified that after he helped Martin MacNeill pull his wife out of the tub to perform CPR; described Michele as “lifeless.”

Kristi, Doug’s wife, said she could hear Martin MacNeill yelling from inside his home, found MacNiell standing over his wife who was “slumped” in a bath tub face-up, wearing only a black shirt.

Officer Ray Ormond said he performed rescue breaths on Michele MacNeill using a bag valve mask and that Michele coughed up about 3 cups of clear fluid, then coughed up foamy, more mucus-like fluid. But he became distracted by Martin, who appeared to be agitated and would sporadically start yelling comments such as, “Why, why would you do this? All because of a stupid surgery,”

Heidi Peterson (formerly Johnson), the dispatcher who took his 911 call, took the stand. Defense counsel Spencer made a point that she thought Martin was doing CPR, and that she misunderstood his address; Martin gave the proper address.

We’ll be streaming the trial live through the duration:
http://www.occupyhln.org/dr-martin-macneill-trial-murder-wife/ http://ow.ly/i/3tb8p


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