The maximum sentence for the DUI case in

The maximum sentence for the DUI case in Ohio, for Matthew Cordle, who confessed to the DUI months after it actually happened? 8 years.

Because he confessed, surely prosecutors won’t seek the max, right? Wrong. The prosecution is going for all 8 years, of course, even though they admit that his confession was sincere and his intentions for the future our noble.

So now, instead of doing some county jail time and getting work release, paying taxes, etc., or instead of being on an alcohol tether for a length of time, Matthew is going to go to prison.

The most efficient way to make a nonviolent person violent? As we know, you send ’em to prison. Here, Matthew will learn how to rob, con, cheat, steal, fight, kill, and a bevy of other wonderful things that America’s prisons teach our inmates.

And instead of having a low likelihood of recidivism, Matthew will now have a high chance of recidivism. Gotta love the USA’s warped criminal justice system! But hey, the prosecutor can go on the campaign trail and boast that he or she is “tough on crime” — and that’s what it’s about, isn’t it?

~ Jason


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