BREAKING NEWS: Detroit Free Press — Sev

BREAKING NEWS: Detroit Free Press — Seven months after his historic conviction for public corruption, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds today to serve 28 years in federal prison.

“The government has asked for a sentence of 28 years,” Edmunds said. “I believe that is in fact what his sentence should be.”

Kilpatrick ran what the government called a money-making racket out of city hall that steered millions to himself, his family and his friends while the impoverished city hobbled along.

Edmunds said she will recommend Kilpatrick be sent to a prison in Texas, where his family lives. She told Kilpatrick he could appeal.

As she issued his sentence, Kilpatrick stared at her, blinking slowly. Edmunds said restitution will be determined later and a hearing would be held within 90 days.

Hey, I’m from Detroit and I understand Kwame cost the city millions of dollars in corruption between 2002-2008. But this sentence is far too stiff. He already did 18 months in the State joint. Now he’ll have to serve nearly 24 years of this 28 year sentence. At age 43, that puts him at getting out when he’s 67. I believe the punishment is disproportionate.

I mean, why not let him off since he already served 18 months, and make him work like hell to pay the city of Detroit back — and don’t let him live in the lap of luxury until Detroit is 150% paid back? This is why our system is broken; it’s about punishment and incarceration, and now instead of him paying Detroit back, those of us who pay taxes will have to pay for him for the next 24 years.

But one thing the article doesn’t mention that I know of because I’m from Detroit is that Kwame has been a suspect in the murder of Tamara Greene since the stripper’s death at the Manoogian Mansion (where the mayor of Detroit lives) in 2003.

~ Jason


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