Crybabies in Fall River Superior Court!

Crybabies in Fall River Superior Court! Judge Susan Garsh is presiding over the #AaronHernandez case, & she’s good.

Motion 1: Assistant District Attorney William McCauley files motion for Judge Garsh to recuse herself. This was the main thing that came from the #AaronHernandez hearing. The prosecution whined, implying that they felt the judge was biased against the prosecution and has a history of siding with due process.

Simply put, the prosecution is looking for a judge like Maricopa County’s Sherry Stephens who’s very “prosecution-friendly” (lets speculation to be used as evidence, doesn’t sequester juries, etc.).

This motion has yet to be ruled on. I’m hoping it’s denied. We need more good judges in America.

Motion 2: Defense motion for a gag order saying the prosecution was leaking too much information to the media (using the media to try the case, in other words … a tactic successful in the Jodi Arias case). That motion was denied “for now”.

Lastly, Aaron Hernandez was read a series of a dozen questions or so (have you taken meds in the last 24 hours, do you understand the charges, do you understand you can fire your attorney or retain him, etc. etc. …). The defense asked the judge if Aaron Hernandez’s handcuffs could be taken off during the hearing, and Judge Garsh allowed for that.

The family of Odin Lloyd, the victim of the murder (remember, we don’t know who committed it and the defendant is presumed innocent) was present in court. It’s unclear whether or not the fiancee of Aaron Hernandez, whom the prosecution charged with perjury in an attempt to get her to “roll on” (rat on) Hernandez was present or not.
~ Jason


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