So let’s see … in America, you can ge

So let’s see … in America, you can get 20 years for a half ounce of pot. But what’s it like in developed countries on the other side of the pond?

— American media’s portrayal of the story —
An “alcoholic” British mother who let her “4-year-old son starve to death and left his body in a cot for almost two years” was sentenced Friday to 15 years in jail. Judge Roger Thomas said Amanda Hutton had failed to fulfill the most basic responsibilities that, as a mother, she should have fulfilled.
— End of American media’s story —

Even the AP sensationalizes (I quoted the sensationalized phrases). Why not just say “a mother who lost her son was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison”?

Andy yep — you guessed it. America has a higher crime rate (and thousands of more homicides) than any European country.

Imagine if the American media got around to this, and Nancy, Vinnie, JVM, and Dave Pinsky sensationalized the hell out of this. She’d be an easy DP candidate. What would Nancy’s nickname for her be? The Bourbon Mom? Gotta love the USA’s Crime-O-Tainment industry, led by HLN, and the puppets who fall for these profiteers.

~ Jason


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