Where are all the solitary & DP advocate

Where are all the solitary & DP advocates now? Angola 3’s Herman Wallace died 4 days after being let out of solitary.

How could any right-minded person support this type of torture when it’s proven our criminal justice system is broken? All while be prosecuted by corrupt Louisiana prosecutors and sentenced by a rogue judge. The decision to put the 3 in solitary is on the Angola Prison, though.

Amnesty International: “no physical evidence links them to the crime; potentially exculpatory DNA evidence has been lost, and the testimony of the main eyewitness has been discredited.”

“He was very comfortable and surrounded by loved ones,” said Kendall (attorney). “He was grateful that he was alive on free soil.”

Wallace died in a hospice-type setting, Kendall said, and added that Wallace “is a testament to the human spirit. “He was determined that (solitary confinement) was not going to break him,” he said.

Why aren’t Nancy Grace and Vinnie Politan all over this? Afraid to piss off their prison lobby financiers — I mean friends? I can’t see how we call ourselves “the leader of the free world” and torture our own people like this. It’s sickening. We’re no better than Iran or North Korea — and maybe worse.

~ Jason


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