The most WONDERFUL lesson on why to boyc

The most WONDERFUL lesson on why to boycott HLN. Victims of domestic abuse should SHAME Shellie Zimmerman. PREDICTION at bottom.

I nearly jumped out of the back of the car we were in after dinner earlier when I saw some of this surveillance video of George and Shellie Zimmerman and this “domestic incident”.

Woman beaters are the bottom of the barrel. But ANY rational person here should be upset at Shellie Zimmerman; she should be pilloried by the public and any true victim of domestic abuse.

I told everyone to cease from watching HLN and to wait until the evidence came in. We didn’t heed these warnings and we all blasted GZ last night.

HLN, LED BY NANCY, LED A CHARGE to smother GZ. Now we see the video of what really happened, and he underhand tossed an Ipad. THAT is domestic abuse? PLEASE!!! Did she look afraid in that video? HELL NO!! Did he look like he was threatening or assaulting in that video? HELL NO!!

Those who believed Shellie’s desperate voice on Monday’s 911 tape were sold a crock of sh*t. Those who believed HLN were sold a crock of sh*t. Worst of all, TRUE victims of domestic abuse lose credibility due to people like Shellie Zimmerman.

Stop watching HLN if you can’t filter out their bias or realize that the truth is almost always 180 degrees from the truth. And on HLN’s behalf, on Shellie Zimmerman’s pathetic behalf, I apologize for HLN and Shellie to all true victims of domestic violence. Lesson Learned!

My PREDICTION? Lake Mary, Florida will file charges on Shellie Zimmerman Wednesday, Sept. 11, with something related to filing a false police report / lying to police.

Are you upset you were duped by HLN (and their media outlet minions who follow them to compete with their ratings)?

Or did you take the high road and forgo a rush to judgement?

~ Jason


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