Verdict sheet for ‪#‎AndreaSneiderman‬ –

Verdict sheet for ‪#‎AndreaSneiderman‬ — guilty on 9 of 13 counts relating to perjury, hindering, and obstruction.

#‎AndreaSneiderman‬ turned down 5 year plea w/ 2 years served before trial. Typical to sentence harsher after going to trial.

Judge Adams could get anywhere from probation Tuesday morning at 9:00 am est; she could be released on bond with tether pending her appeal of the 9 of 13 perjury/obstruction/hindering charges she was found guilty on, but I believe this is unlikely.

Sneiderman will get credit for time-served. Defense will certainly ask for probation and no further jail time. Prosecution certainly to seek 3+ years in prison.

Where will Judge Adams fall? It’s difficult to predict. My guess would be 1 year in the county jail or up to 2 or 3 years in prison.

WHERE DO YOU THINK Judge Adams will fall, and WHAT DO YOU THINK Andrea Sneiderman should receive?

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