OCCUPY EXCLUSIVE: Friday 2:00 pm eastern

OCCUPY EXCLUSIVE: Friday 2:00 pm eastern time, interview with cowboy bounty hunter Leonard Padilla — UNCENSORED!

You do NOT want to miss this! Padilla has a TON of stories to tell, and he’s unabashed at telling his side of the story. We will talk about his involvement in the Casey Anthony case and being sued by Roy Kronk, the meter-man who found Caylee’s body. We will talk about his capturing of OJ Simpson case LAPD officer Mark Fuhrman. We will talk about Alexis Murphy, the missing teen in Virginia. We will talk about Wesley Shermantine, Loren Herzog, Olivia Newton John’s boyfriend (all of whom he caught).

And of course, we’ll ask him of his unedited views on the Jodi Arias and George Zimmerman cases — and MUCH MORE! His stories are truly unique and truly fascinating, as he’s been on the inside track of numerous high-profile cases — and has opinions on ’em all!

YOU can call in and ask Leonard you your own questions!

– To listen to the interview and CHAT LIVE during the interview, go to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/occupyhln/2013/08/16/interview-with-famous-bounty-hunter-leonard-padilla

– To call in for a question for Leonard: Dial (718) 664-6179

Again, 2:00 pm est (11:00 am pst). Be there or be square! undefined

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