For those of you who’d like to know wha

For those of you who’d like to know what prison is like, and what #jodiarias can expect if she receives life, read this.

If sentenced to life in prison, Arias will go to the State’s quarantine, where she’ll probably spend … 30-60 days. There, it’s strict 23 hours lockdown, where she’ll be classified and such. As women’s prisons have little option where to put them, she may spend less time there. Then, she will probably spend … 9 months or so in 23 hour lockdown … BUT …

Prison is much more easy to manipulate than the county jail. So she’ll learn to work the system, and get “call outs” for law library, library, religious services, medical, psych services, NA/AA, etc.; any call-out she can get on in order to get extra time out of her cell.

In most states, we call this a “Level 4” prison where M1 inmates start out. So while it’s 23 hour lockdown, per se, she won’t be in a cell for 23 hours.

Additionally, when Jodi gets to prison, she’ll “feel” like she’s in an entirely new world. I mean, she’ll see people with visiting clothes (real clothing), people wearing real tennis shoes, she’ll smell different odors, she’ll breathe fresh air while on the yard and while walking to call-outs, she’ll taste different foods on the store, and she’ll see different colors. Something as simple as a new brand of shampoo will seem make her feel refreshed.

While in a Level 4, she’ll have to share a toilet w/ her bunkie. They’ll make a bedsheet and throw it up there sort of like blinds, so they can have a little privacy when they use the bathroom. She’ll get used to it.

When she gets to prison, she’ll get a flat screen TV for about $120, she’ll probably buy a radio, and all that will help her out tremendously. She’ll have access to a ton of more store goods, hygiene products and foods.

If Level 4 inmates behave badly, they can be sent to Level 5, which is 23 hour lockdown for real. But if they don’t catch tickets, they’ll have more to look forward to. Level 2 is the lowest level a lifer or long-timer can get to (long-timers can get to a Level 1 when they’re under 5 or so years).

Depending on the State’s prison capacity and room, I have seen inmates in for murder make it to a Level 2 prison in as little as 2 years. When at Level 2, you pretty much get all-day yard, you’re never locked in your cell since there are community bathrooms. But this time, however, say 36 months or so, her appeals should already be in and she’ll be nearing her new trial.

But working on her appeals is MUCH easier from a prison than from death row.

Attached is a picture of a typical Level 4 setting for men (and Level 2 setting .. in fact, many Level 4’s and Level 2’s have yards that are merged, where Level 4’s have it for an hour in the morning and evening, and Level 2’s have it the rest of the day). Bear in mind that a women’s prison may be less crowded.

~ Jason


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