Meet Wayne Lapierre, your NRA chief!

Meet the NRA’s Wayne Lapierre, Vietnam war draft-dodger, and the leader of the world of mass murder. Some hypocritical facts:

  • Wayne Lapierre is the CEO of a 200 million dollar business and just gave a speech on the need for MORE guns.
  • WL just named former U.S. Representative and Arkansas native Asa Hutchinson Director of the NRA’s National School Shield Program.
  • WL never mentioned anything about the victims of Sandy Hook in his speech. He just spoke of his proposed National School Shield program.
  • WL didn’t talk about a Shield program for theaters in Aurora, CO or shopping malls in Portland, Oregon, or parking lots in Tuscon, AZ. By the way, there WAS a “good guy” in that parking lot on Tuscon where Gabby Giffords was speaking, but he couldn’t shoot ’cause he couldn’t get a clear shot, as the movement was so frenetic. So that “good guy” having a gun didn’t help.
  • WL is the lobbyist who made these possible by overturning Dianne Feinstein’s 1994 law banning assault weapons
  • WL has ensured that NO country has better-equipped mass murderers than the USA.
  • WL says there are armed guards at every bank. Apparently he’s never been to my bank. There aren’t any armed guards there.
  • WL sent out letters to all NRA members after the Aurora, CO massacre asking for more money — more than their NRA dues, to “preserve their American freedoms”. He never mentioned anything about grief for the children that died in that theater.
  • WL’s School Shield Program — putting an armed guard at every school in America — would cost about 7 billion/year. But does he really support this?
    On WL’s Board of Directors is Grover Norquist, who would be extremely upset at the tax hikes that would have to be implicated to create the revenue for Lapierre’s “School Shield” program.

Yep! That’s surely the megalomaniac freak I’d take advice from. Good old Wayne Lapierre — an upstanding citizen who will ensure mass murderers remain equipped with the best and most lethal guns in the world! Please contact your local congressional representative and if they support the NRA or GOA, fire ’em the next time they’re up for re-election.



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