The Difference between the USA and other countries (graphic pic included)

What’s the difference between America and other countries? Nevermind that we just had a Portland, Oregon mall shooting earlier in the week, then 20 children killed and 8 adults killed by a madman, Adam Lanza, who SHOT through the windows to get into the school. Cite some oddball website that is paid to say a study shows “more guns means less violence … ‘studies’ prove it, so let’s just all arm ourselves and have a showdown”. Please. Look at China. A madman broke into an elementary school. He had knife on him. He wielded it and 22 ppl were injured. Wait … I said INJURED, not KILLED. What’s the difference? You can’t have guns in China. It’s time to let go of the 18th century 2nd amendment and abolish it — or GREATLY restrict those who can access guns to, say, police and school officials only. Of course, Wayne Lapierre and all the NRA die-hards will give me hate mail as usual, but it’s okay. The time has come. Enough is enough. How many mass murders have to happen to make it “cost effective” for our government to actually get something done on this, and forgo the NRA special interest group money? If this madman didn’t have access to a gun, 20 children and 8 adults would be sleeping peacefully tonight.



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